External vidoblog: Brussels Briefing on Agriculture – All you need to know for March & April 2014

ViEUws latest news about the Agriculture & Fisheries Council on March 24, Russia’s on-going ban on EU pork, Common Agricultural Policy delegated acts & rules governing seed legislation. Watch video here or go to

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“We do not talk to them”

Last week our Dutch project ‘Het Eetcafe’ was in Brussels, with young farmers and young SlowFood people from other countries. France, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Italy were represented. Our project partners NAJK & YFM fraternally presented the project … Continue reading

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CAP: Devilish details forego greening

by Rob Janmaat, Netherlands Rural Network (first published at HetEetcafé.eu) After years of reform of the CAP, we are now in the final phase. You would expect that by now the deals have been closed, that final negotiations are only … Continue reading

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External blog: Different versions of food futures

The view for the future of agriculture is twofold: unilineair intensive agriculture thinkers, and others that recognize the drawbacks and think more diversified but also naive. Like Het Eetcafe project Wyn Grant thinks there is scope for a ‘third way’: … Continue reading

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  • Erik Gerritsen
    How can we discuss food futures when we keep staring ourselves blind on agricultural solutions? Agriculture is a local matter, ...
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Food Politics goes Europe

A new European regulation for seed was rejected by the Agriculture Committee by 37 votes to two on a Tuesday in February. The most important concerns: it would leave member states no room to adapt the rules to their needs … Continue reading

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External blog: Export refunds and Africa

Export subsidies on agricultural products are back in the news again following the somewhat surprising declaration by Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos in his opening speech at the Green Week on Berlin on 16 January, writes Alan … Continue reading

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Back to nature? It’s impossible.

by Janno Lanjouw, Dutch journalist and citizen (first published in Dutch at Our foodsystem is that of agriculture. That is not as obvious as it may sound: historically, agriculture is quite recent. Humans go back about 150.000 years and … Continue reading

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External videoblog: Top 5 agriculture – All you need to know for 2014

In this video from ViEUws, the EU policy broadcaster,  AGRA FACTS journalists Rose O’Donovan & Ed Bray provide a quick overview of the top 5 agriculture issues on the agenda under the Greek Presidency that took to the helm on January … Continue reading

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Do farmers eat like crap?

by Felicia Alberding, Youth Food Movement (first published at What do the people who produce our food actually eat themselves? Today, it is not to be taken for granted that a hog farmer eats his own pork. And while … Continue reading

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Farmers and activists actually AGREE on many issues

It may seem as if farmers and non-farming citizens fight all the time. Well, figuratively speaking. In practice, it is mainly organizations of farmers and citizens, such as farmer organizations and civil society organizations such as Friends of the Earth, … Continue reading

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